Learning LUA best way? Personal advice/Shortcuts?!

Any tips to start learning lua? Is there any Mods/Easy ways to access the code in game? What are the best commands to know?
I’ve read JavaScript,CSS and have played Gmod for 3,6k hours with the majority being wire coding (Average good)
But things got really hard trying to understand how a simple game mode was built up i always end up messing up something searching for hours.

What is your best advice to become good with lua or to say familiar with everything needed to maybe create a really simple gamemode? e.x (Collecting rocks across a map, receiving money)
Is there anything i should not try coding with lua as a newb? Gamemode,Addons?
If so contribute to thread so anyone new to lua can see and take advice including me =)

There are several wiki tutorials among the wikipedia page. Look there. If you don’t like wikipedia at all, then look on other forums or other places. There’s also an addon to test your lua in game without coding out of game. It’s called luapad. Check it out.

oh my god thank you so much, did not even believe it existed <3

In my experience the first thing you need to understand thoroughly is the syntax. Then comes Hooks, Tables, and Realms. After that it’s pretty much just Wiki and trial+error.

Google examples online or even in the Gamemodes & Addons Release Section. Look through any sort of code and try to reverse engineer it. Use the wiki (previously mentioned) to solve issues with code (say you don’t know what the Initial Spawn hook is/does). It’s okay to take others codes BUT you must recode it in your own way. Otherwise, you’ll look like a C&P coder.

This. Once you get a hang of the basics, make stuff.
It doesn’t matter what you make, as long as you’re creating things.

If you’re as familiar with E2 as it sounds, you’ll probably learn quickly.

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Also please remember that Lua is not an acronym.

What do you mean? what is a acronym?

+bad reading

A acronym seems like a word but spells out something else, like how R.I.P means Rest in Piss.
Lua is moonspeak for the word moon which is a gimmick but doesn’t really matter

Lua is Portuguese for moon

Useful Thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1337945

Easy way to remember not to use “LUA” is to remember “LUA = Licking Under Armpits”