Learning Lua

Hello , I want to ask if someone can give me some good advice about learning LUA.
I start by reading www.lua.org but maybe there is someone that can tell me someone else about lua.
And give me some good link were I could learn advanced lua. I know that I will not learn it in 1 month, maybe I will finish something with could look nice in 5 month.
And don’t need to tell me to look here because I allready look : http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1055637

This is a great place to start, just follow some tutorials and try to understand how it works rather than just copy & pasting.



Much easier to search for LUA functions here than the wiki, and when you find them it gives different examples than the wiki etc. So combining both sometimes helps to give a better understanding etc etc etc

Just asking is normal to see this " GMod Wiki has a problem " ween I open that link ?

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Thank you.

The website is temporarily down, check it later today or tomorrow.