Learning LUA

Being a quite un experienced coder all together,
I was hoping for some suggestions on where the best place would be to start. Like where the high end coders learnt from?
Up until this point on Gmod12 I’ve kind of just been doing it trial and error, where I try to write a small code and than running
my home hosted server to see if it worked, & as you could imagine I can could only learn so much this way & well it kind of gets annoying.

I’ve read alittle on ‘www.lua.org’ and watched tutorials on youtube, But I’m really just wondering if there is a more affecent way or just if anyone had any advice for me.

Thank you very much. ^.^

The Wiki: http://bananatree.im/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index4875.html?title=Main_Page

The old wiki linked above have a special section for tutorials.
Other than that the wiki is great for finding hooks, classes and libraries to help you accomplish your goals.

You can try modifying others addons and gamemodes before doing your own stuff from the ground up because A. It’s not always easy to come up with ideas and B. Building something from scratch takes a long time and is not always needed.
Editing the HUD of DarkRP or something is pretty easy to do and learning derma and vgui is pretty useful. You could try making own commands for your multilayer server to kill your friends or turn them into penises.

You can look up all the code for the tools, menus etc of the sandbox gamemode in the garrysmod gcf or from here: http://glua.me/bin/

Thanks, Currently cannot get Gmod12 Srcds to work in anycase.
So I guess I’ll be holding off until Gmod13 :frowning:

Create a listen server on your computer, that way there is no need to worry about the cache file (if you are using FastDL) or rebooting the server, just disconnect and start the game again.