Learning lua

I am just now starting to learn lua.

From what I know now, I can make a derma panel \o/ yay

Is it possible to make the derma panel viewable in the game world, and not just on the clients hud?

and if possible could you give an example.

Maybe this time I wont get banned while simply asking for help.

There are some 3d menus around, though i don’t believe you can make a Derma menu viewable in the map.

It is possible, I made one.


Shitty pic, but it shows it works.

Why does that not look like this… ??

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Not to sound snooty, But your image does not look like the derma that I have made in gmod tutorial. Is it made a different way or something ? I would like it to look like my tutorial version.

It’s a test panel, using a custom paint function, these colors are intensive to test the HDR effect on it, I told you it’s a bad picture, if you want I can make a DFrame show up.

If you’re still going off wiki tutorials for how to make panels I highly doubt it’s time for you to render panels 3D2D.

The thing about coding is experimenting.
Let him try.

Its rather nice to learn from other people. Getting advice and learning from some one with a knowledge in coding already helps a lot more than just experimenting on my own.

Throwing some one a book and telling them build a house isnt the best way to learn…

If you don’t have anything helpful to add to the thread. Please don’t comment your retarded remarks. I don’t care to read about how much you don’t think I am ready to do this or that.
I am simply here to learn. The less asinine comments from you, the better.

Could you please post the code to the panel that you made and tested in game. I would very much appreciate that sample to learn from. I have not found any information on how to fill in a panel with color @.@

This here " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UtgEghhAoY " is 100% exactly what I would like to learn how to do.