Learning LUA

Greeting all
I have recently decided that I want to learn LUA properly instead of learning it from other peoples work. Does anybody know any good guides or books that could help me start off with learning LUA?
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

google “how to learn lua gmod”

That is really not helpful. I am trying to find someone who is experienced in LUA to tell me a good source to learn from.

Wikis and shit

Please disregard previous posts and could someone who has a available source that they learned from help.

I’m learning LUA right now, but I do it off of other peoples work. This helps me get use to some of the built-in functions.

Here’s a couple things I would recommend trying out. Create a gamemode folder and call it something like, “Experimenting” or w/e you would like. Then copy the scoreboard.lua file from the sandbox gamemode, and experiment with that a little. Make some changes ect…

When you’re able to mod scripts and shape them to your will, you will being to learn the functions as well as how scripts work. Play with SWEPs and mod them as well. Try not to mod anything with complicated math though, until you’re ready to learn that math. Some scripts can be complicated.

(Note: This method probably isn’t the best for you if you can’t reverse-engineer a script.)

Use the Garry’s Mod wiki (both the old and new one as the old one might have more info on some hooks/functions than the new one)

I would say that your best bet is to make something from scratch on your own, as modifying/editing other things is actually harder. Also the fact that if you make your own from scratch, you know how it works, and everything, and fixing things will be much faster.

You could try this.

and here are some tutorials

Thanks everyone for your help it is much appreciated.