Learning Lua.

Well, I want to learn more about Lua so I’ve been looking around for some books that I could buy that I can learn from.So before I buy any, can anyone recommend a programing in Lua book to me?Ones for beginners?(And ones that aren’t really really expensive)

Yes. I’m aware there’s a thread just like this one but that one seems to be for online tutorials.


Lol…I was rated dumb?>.>

Don’t buy a book for Lua, its too easy. Just learn it by looking at others scripts, trying things out, and looking at the wiki.

My advice: Trial and error. Take a simple downloaded file, save a backup somewhere of one of the lua scripts, and start tweaking things to see what everything does. You’ll get the general idea after a while.

Yeah, I got the idea, but i would of done all what the above users said to do if i wanted to.Not to be rude or anything i still prefer a book.I guess I’ll just find one myself.

If you want an online book to read try pil