Learning to code {Request}



Hello, i am trying to get into coding for my community, and it seems very difficult to do. If there is anyone can teach me how to lua coding like huds, scoreboards and etc. Please contact me at anytime. Thanks.

You are getting “funny” ratings because you used “coding”, “difficult”, “hud” and “scoreboards” in one post.

  • You are looking for someone to teach you.

I know what they’re called, but never knew how it works, thats why i am looking for someone to teach me how it works.

No one will probably sit with you and teach you how to code, for free.
Go read the tutorials on the old & new wiki. Also, try to start up a test server, and read a few tutorials on DarkRP, how to edit jobs etc, and you will learn slowly from there.

This is where I started and I still often reference them because I am a terrible coder.

-READ and understand ALL Starter Tutorials.
-Ignore the gamemode ones they are out of date.

  • Read Creating a HUD, its a decent tutorial.
  • If you wan’t to get into making panels read: “Full guide to Derma” its a great tutorial.

Also and mainly keep positive! Just keep thinking about how much you have learned rather then how much you need to learn :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t forget to follow the new GMOD 13 format https://docs.google.com/document/d/1khSuIYrAMkqXu7wlH5YRJNwz6hOH6Xqi5lqBhE3x6gA/edit?pli=1

Ok, Thanks.