Leather jacket models


Where do I get the dude on the left?

Does anyone know if there’s citizen models with the same body anywhere- and what game is it from?

Any other jacket models would be cool, thanks.

Wait Where you Take The Wrath Without Jacket?

I’m also looking for more jacket wearing models.

Where are those from i want the one on the right ?

Also supporting it for the citizen body.

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EDIT: Found a reskinned model

Ehy i Hex it!

But where the fuck i can find That Model?

Oh lol, I modeled hack that right model, Wrath’s head onto Sam Fisher’s body olol:


Anyways, here’s the link to the original Wrath model:

gr8, thanks bro

hope u dont mind if i give it a shot at headhacking/reskinning myself

Oh, I did the one with Sam Fisher’s body, not jacket. :v:

Did you release that?

Nope. :v:

this head can be Hacked on Rorschach Body…
To the Decompiler

yeah my studioGL is braking on me so i cant compile stuff

tried putting a male_04 reskin head on it and my laptop crashed, ill see whats missing in my folders later

i dunno why but my Decompiler can’t Decolpile Completally…and my compiler fucked up .-.

turns out the leather jacket model on the left guy is a modded francis model from l4d

cant find it anywhere with just a normal citizen head though

those are pretty deadly

is there something wrong with the model or the decompiler cause im starting to think its because im running on a 64 bit system and not a 32 one