Leave a message on my profile saying "I'm gay for Gran"

And you can win a rust key.

keyword here is “can”.

so he wants us to leave him message on his profile saying He’s gay for Gran

if he says so who am i to disagree.

ok folks remember He’s gay for Gran

Well I did it, nothing happened?

Delivery time can vary due to high demand.

As bad as i want a Rust key, I also have dignity.

I will respectfully refuse, sir.

yeah wondering how these kids get them, if they got them at all.

Today seems to be a “I have keys pm me” kind of day, everyones just hopping on the bandwagon and reposting in different ways how they are trolling the people who want keys. Maybe even opening up possibilities to scam those who are desperate enough who knows. You need to fix the title by the way because you messed up and said “for” instead of “with”.

Va te faire foutre

I’m always gay for gran.

Welcome back.

Why not? Done!

I’m so gay for gran, my dick got blown off my body.

Why is the thumbnail under tutorial? lol.