Leave game. Die.

Made a nice house. Left the game. Dead. Every time I log out Im dead when I join. So not only will I have a hell of a time finding my home, there are no longer keys for it. So is this just how the game is now? Because its pointless to play if your just reset basically every time you leave the game.

Yeah garry never did get used to game saves, he wants players to reset every time they start up the game, just like pacman.

Did you not have a sleeping bag down?

You were probably raided anyhow…

Welcome to Rust.

i had a level 6 house. i logged off for 30 minutes, log back in and my entire house is destroyed, and im boxed in with my sleeping bag… god dammit this game fucking sucks… i wasted 6 hours building that shit only to have it destroyed in 30 minutes, who seriously enjoys wasting all that fucking time for nothing… fuck this game. im not buying it when the full version is released

Something doesn’t sound right, level 6 walls cannot be destroyed in 30 minutes haha…

well i was only offline for less than an hour watching TV and eating dinner. i log back in to see all my 6 hours of work destroyed and me completely looted and boxed in… i spent the entire 6 hours upgrading all my floors, foundations, doors, and walls to level 6… it doesnt make sense to me either… im fucking pissed right now, today was a waste of fucking time… why the hell does it take so long to put up decent walls, but less than an hour for someone to completely ruin your time… i realize its only experimental right now, and that the point is to survive. but this just doesnt make any fucking sense to me… am i not aloud to have a life outside of the game and still maintain good progress??? fuck it. i just wont play again… if only there was some sort of system to prevent “bandits” from stealing everything every fucking time you log out (even to just eat dinner and talk with family for a few minutes), but then half of the players would hate that idea because apparently all that they do is raid…

i need some weed to chill out… fuck man…

Yeah, if you cant handle surviving, this isnt the right game for you. I’ve yet to have someone tear down my level six wall but it occurs to me that I always have two max level walls between my sleeping bag and the ouside.

That’s a pretty funny story though. I enjoyed it.

I’ve taken down a level 6 wall in just over an hour by myself. Add a couple people helping and that time drops dramatically.

I built a three story 1x3 today with a two story 3x3 on top, with double thick level 6 walls and double thick level 6 doors, and extra foundations around it today. Took forever, but even with that I fully expect it to be chopped down by tomorrow morning, if it isn’t gone from an update wipe.

Level 6 - Metal

7 Metal Fragments

Hammer Hits to Build
32 seconds (1 minute, 22 seconds total)

Salvaged Hammer Hits
54 seconds (fuck this hammer)
Time to break

Maybe a day?

Stone Hatchet
1 hour (switch to hatchet when you see level 4)

For now my advice is as follows:

Do not build on rocks. Make sure the land is as flat as possible

Build an inner level 6 2x2 room, put an internal wall blocking the view to the door.

Build an outer level6 wall around it completely, and above.

This will cut down on the ability for people to glitch your boxes from outside.

Were your foundations L6 ?
Cause Ive raided houses with L6 walls and L1 foundations…

but…I also got locked into my own house early on in release with L6 everything and it took (as can be verified by anyone on my server, never seen so much laughing going on…) it took about 45 mins real time to break out. (giggles) that was before I understood making a spare key lol…

yep. L6 everything, foundations, foundation steps, even inner floors. i had two doors at the bottom (in an airlock kind of way), and one to the roof, all locked. all my windows were facing out away from the rock, so they couldnt have jumped through without a tall structure to jump off of… the rock itself was halfway up a steep mountain…

i suppose they could have made the rail, wall, floor tower - as cheap as it is - and jumped through a window or jumped on top of my building. but i still dont know how they destroyed a L6 house in under an hour…

There are a number of exploits that can allow a person to compromise a base in a very short amount of time (5 mins or less, even with level 6, depending on the exploit) I don’t know how someone would destroy a level 6 wall any quicker, but there are so definite things you learn to not keep exposed on your base after much trial and error.