"Leave no man behind" Russian forces

Hopefully these are better than the other one I posted earlier today. A Russian soldier is fatally wounded while his two comrades clear the way for his extraction.

First angle:


Second angle:


Ok, I know im not very good at scene making but please, just bear with me and give C&C. Thanks.

Looks fine, the posing is getting better, but the soldier on the back got his legs posed wrong.

Don’t use the DoF in GMod. Try some of your own editing, not the in game. The posing could use a lot of work, I find using a reference picture way easier. I mean it’s decent, but nothing to rave about.

That poor fellow got some blood on his extra magazines.
Logical thinking helps when trying to make a realistic picture.

lol Very dynamic Pic

No, no, no. Use the ingame blur, because if you use the blur on a editing program you only create more (useless)work in isolation and graduating the blur, while if you do it ingame its easier to apply and you can achieve the same or better result.

looks like that guy who grabbing dieing man is like about to kill him.
after all, he is not grabbing him he is stabing him

If he is fatally wounded. What would be the point of extracting a corpse?

To bury him obviously

Reminds me of my own first pose.

Why the hell wouldn’t you use the super DoF in GMod? Recreating the same kind of effect in photoshop would be very difficult and it probably still wouldn’t look as good as the one done in gmod. There’s nothing wrong with gmod’s super DoF.

Well I apprecieate all of your comments, I’ll try to work on my faults.