Leaving rust..

This is my favorite game ever, I will never quit!

its alpha man. There is a lot of fun in this game. Take more patient.

Can you give me a hand up on to the bandwagon?

Peace out…considering the game is already purchased, See you in the future.

I knew the game was alpha when I bought it… but just saying “alpha” doesn’t excuse the terrible communication skills this company has with its backers.

You knew what you were getting, and then you’re complaining that it wasn’t conducted in exactly the pace and manner you expected.

Sounds like you didn’t know what you were getting after all.

You’ll be back. :slight_smile:

Best thing i can say to everyone who’s being frustrated by the ‘lack’ of updates is: go play something else for a while. Then come back when there’s new stuff.

I get that it’s frustrating. I love the hell out of this game and i would love for it to be more in depth. But they are currently working on a lot of core issues i guess. Planning to redo the whole terrain generation and maybe adding a voxel based engine to the game is a big big change to the core. It might not add a lot of new content to the game right away, but it does however make up for tons of new possibilities in the future.

All i can say is take a break of a month or two and i guess you’ll be more than happy to play again.

Well when you look at previous update blogs and there is a consistency, at least weekly, you then buy the game… thinking cool we are all in the loop at least every week.

Then there goes almost month with no blog update, to me it seems facepunch is on hiatus drinking $1000 bottles of wine with our cash, id laugh at us too

No one but your friends who you play Rust with care if or why you’re leaving.

I get that it’s frustrating. But if you follow the Trello you see that they are working on a lot of things right now. I think they’re also planning for a lot of those things to release in one big update. You never know though.

Like i said: just take a break. Getting frustrated over this is simply not worth the time.

How long do you think it takes to write a farming system? Or add controller support? Or rewrite the terrain engine. Or rewrite the ui. Or rewrite the resource generation engine. Or add the code to make a bear trap work?

So many people with unreasonable expectations.

They’ve had conferences and things to attend as well. It’s important for these guys to stay on top of the technology that is coming down the pike so that they can design their software with the future in mind. Garry is also looking into acquiring a voxel engine that will allow us to dig. There’s more going on behind the scenes than just developing. If you read all of the different sources of information you’d see the communication between Devs and community is just fine.

Because farming is exactly what we need right now… lol

It will be if most of the meat we can eat happens to be irradiated. You don’t know what other items are being worked up and planned for implementation. You need to start acting like an adult, assuming you are one, and be patient. If you want content rich software, stop investing in Early Access/Alphas

They update the trello site regularly.
Also, no where does it say they have to communicate jack to us. They do it as a courtesy.

No one cares, they already have your money.

So many people are happy to get greedily teabagged. Its disgusting

Who cares what you need. It is a huge piece of the core code that needs to be written.

Bug fixes at this point should only keep the game playable. Let them concentrate on adding content and feature systems.

Let’s actually look at those blog posts.

(emphasis mine)

Also, new GUI and the item editor.

If you look, the changes they have been making are major, sweeping, foundational changes. These are changes that take time and don’t add a lot to immediate gameplay, but what they do is allow the entire process to run smoother on the long run. You are here to watch the concrete being poured for the foundations. It won’t be a livable house with paint on the sides for a while yet. You need to learn patience.

How old are you? Just be patient and wait, don’t except that you get new toys every week.
If you can’t wait play another game in the meantime, there is no problem with that.
It’s pathetic how people demand continuous updates at least every few days.