Leet World Season 2 Ep 12!

Hey guys, a new episode of The Leet World is up. If you’re unaware, TLW is a Counter-Strike: Source and Garrys Mod machinima series made by Smooth Few Films. It’s got some action and some comedy and some randomness. Anyway, in this episode, the cast reacts to Leeroy’s revelations. Also, there are guns. It’s mostly set up for the end of the series, which is in the next few episodes.

To watch it at our site, check it out here:

To see a higher res version, check it out here:


It’s a shame you guys are ending the series. I don’t see why you don’t just record and send via the internet.

Yay \O.o/

I loved the ending!

That was brilliant.

“Aw fuck!”

player noooooooo!

Good episode. It’s sad seeing both Montrose and Ellis leave the house. Hopefully they come back to help the others kick some ass!

They’ll probably come in and save the day.

I sure hope so, Ellis is my favorite

Win another episode :smiley: loved it

Player is made of win and anti-aids.

This the best machinima series ever! :biggrin:

Fiddle stiiiiiiii

Looks like it now worse then youtube, bro…
awesome series

love you

Aw fuck!

haha, nice

I love you guys.

I’m sad that it’s going to end.Such a hilarious show.

Thanks for all the comments, guys. Really appreciate it.

i wish more was mad ;]