"Leetle man not die of baby arrows" - Heavy protecting Scout from Sniper


Boredom. C&C.

Did scout just drink Bonk!, or why is his mouth glowing?
Also clipping problems.

Not really as good as your others.

Heavy is both brave and a pincushion.

Really nice, but the scout his mouth is glowing, maybe because of the bloom?

Probably an energy bloom from the shock of Heavy’s self-sacrificial valour.

Clipping? Where? Scout’s right arm? Oh damn.

I’m still new to TF2 poses :v:

Fixed the glowing mouth now.

I saw this on the filesmelt expirimental slide show. Hehe. Amazing shot. Great posing on scouts fingers, and nice stance for sniper. They were both good, but the heavy was meh…

Try making him more… in pain.

Was hard to decide whether to make him look like he’s angry or in pain. This is something between those.

That’s cute :'3

Also, do you have ‘TF2 Better phys’? If so, can you link me?

I do, but cannot find the files right now :confused:


I was thinking of picking up Team Fortress posing, but I find it hard to pose. I thought ‘Maybe the better phys will make it easier’, and I can’t find it :frowning:

Heavy is man among men. The shadowing is surprisingly good - only part that looks strange is the bottom right part of the Heavy’s face.


He’s not protecting Scout. Red Sniper was just saving Scout from getting raped.

Thou shall get ye fantasies outta me thread.

I shall agree with Thou.


nice attention to detail (the blood on the arrows)