Left 1 Alive


C&C Appreciated.

Just using some new techniques for hair bending…

Well it looks worse because of imageshack raping the resolution.

The scenebuild is okay, except for the grass.

You fucked it up completely in editing though, everything is so out of focus and the bloom is terrible. Hair looks totally unrealistic and it doesn’t blend well.

Any advice please?

great DBZ hair


yeah: don’t use grass unless it’s designed to be shown from the top (this is made to be shown on the side) and don’t make everything a blurry, contrasty mess


The editing overall looks shit, but from what i can see (no help from the angle) the posing looks decent.

The hair likes like anime oh god.

this should just be left alive

Last 1 Left?

Perhaps a different angle and a less prominent color scheme. Also the hair needs work. He’s only a color flair from an Anime character.

That ground has a few bald spots.

Well, I also thought about that. But I wanted to stick to the actual title arranging.

It’s supposed to be Left 4 Dead, but like this. He’s how I’ll show it to a four year-old. (Not to insult you or anything)

Left 4 Dead
Left 1(-3) Alive (Opposite of Dead)