Left 2 Die

The infection has spread through europe like wildfire, consuming all in a matter of days. Governments and Civil authorites alike.

Inculding our green and pleasant land! :britain:


Oh yeah by the way, I know the muzzle flash sucks… Worst muzzle flash I’ve ever done, I think

C&C Most welcome.

Yes I agree the worst muzzle flash, it’s also a tad dark, posing is good, also what map is that?


Oh and it’s meant to be that dark, there’s a hunter in there somewhere :v:

oh, there’s that little bastard :smiley:

Looks nice, but I dislike the grass, it’s to pokey and unreal. :uhoh: .

But I know you can’t help that, it’s just the way the map has it :stuck_out_tongue: .

I laughed when I saw this :v:

Hunter, top right :uhoh:

It’s nice, and yes, the muzzle is weird.


I think the body on the tanker is supposed to be something jumping down. Hence the legs bending.

you were right, that muzzleflash is pretty bad

that’s a HUGE bump.

also, I played TF2 with a guy named left2die.

I see a glowing Candy Corn emerging from the dark.

What’s up with these huge bumps lately?