Left 4 Dead 1 + 2 (unedited)



Feel free to edit them, and tell me what ya think.


I think the second one isn’t half bad, nice posing on both though.

Great comment. I bet your also the one who gave me a dumb for no apparent reason.


Thanks. I think i made Louis’ eyes too “open”, if ya know what i mean. Almost looks unnatural.

Don’t people generally discourage the use of bigcity (AKA block city)?
Posing on charger seems a tad awkward… Then again i can see how he could be difficult to pose correctly.

Erm, not sure, looks fine to me. Both were taken in the city though.

I still think I have the best (and gayest) l4d-l4d2 image(s).

I’d like it if you didn’t advertise your thread here. And yes, i’ve seen it.

Yea, sorry about that, I felt I didn’t have enough gaybows :downs:.

Nice images, should have used a darker map for the first and the charger’s posing just seems a bit off.

i wish people would stop using this city map
it’s so empty and blank looking

I tried to fill it in from the side view, and i also thought of adding in a helicopter, but i thought it would be too much.

As everyone else said, Bigcity is definitely not the kind of map you want to use when you’re posing, unless you have some damn good methods of making it more interesting and less blocky. It especially doesn’t work for L4D poses because of it’s lack of atmosphere.

As for the posing, the first one looks alright, although the camera angle is incredibly boring. In the second one the charger looks really strange, and the whole picture leaves way too much empty space in the form of shadow (if you pulled the camera closer to Ellis’s shoulder and put the charger much nearer to him, it would look more complete)

Well, unless if you’re a good at edting, but even then it’s still a hard map to work with.

Aren’t buildings usually blocky… I mean, its good for scenebuilds too.

Whats so strange about the charger? His shoulder?

They usually aren’t one giant rectangular prism. They have some depth and variety in them.

The buildings in Bigcity are repetitive, bland, and are nothing more than a bunch of giant blocks.

As for the charger, he just looks sloppy the way he was posed. He’s standing far too straight, and holding his arm above him as if it wasn’t half his body weight. His posture is unnatural looking with his hips angled one way and his shoulders angled the other. And why the hell is he so high? It looks like he made some retarded looking jump. The fact that he’s so small in the picture doesn’t help either.

Incase you didn’t realize, the charger is holding his arm up because hes about to charge. Not to mention he can lift his arm up in the air WHILE HOLDING ONTO AN ENTIRE PERSON. I don’t think he’d have much trouble lifting it slightly above his head. The rest is all from the angle, or apparently you just never really looked at how big chargers really were.

The first picture is awfully boring, you could have put more zombies on the street (I know, its work) to show there is a zombie outbreak but the posing on the upper part of the hunter and all of louis are pretty spot on. The second picture is just neh… the charger looks funky.

You would think the charger would put the hand in front of it if it was about to charge. What the hell is it waving it’s hand around for? And when he lifts a person, they don’t go above his head, and his whole body shifts to maintain balance. Here it just looks like he’s flapping his arms around like a retard while waiting to get shot.

It was kinda hard posing that huge thing in such a small, narrow, dark area.

I laughed at the last sentence.

Try harder, bring his right shoulder back and lean his left forward to be able to hold the weight of that arm, likes hes about to strike down, I’m sure you’ve seen people twist there body when they pound something.