Left 4 dead 1 models

Hello, i need help i can’t do anything with the survivors from l4d 1 they look like props

it happens too with some models like the civilian from tf2 and the predator model i tried to reinstall gmod and it happens again

someone can help¿¿¿¿

If these are NPC’s you can’t do anything i think. It happens when you give npc’s guns what they “can’t use”. I see they don’t have weapons so it won’t work sorry.

it isn’t npc they are ragdolls

Oh so they are like stones? Sorry then i can’t realy help.


Some Gmod update broke some of the ragdolls and turned them into T-Posed props. It’s odd but that’s how it is. You might try recompiling them but i don’t guarantee it will work.

i have the same problem but how do i recompile them?

Why not use these instead?

i use it but it’s the same they look like props