Left 4 dead 2 - Adding "Friendly" players??

Is it possible to make a new survivor in Left 4 dead 2 (Doesn’t talk and is a bot) that stands at one point (Like a hostage in CS:S) and when prompted walks with the survivors.

If you don’t know what I’m driving at I want to test the modding capabilities of the new engine by making a game-mode similar to Hostages from counter strike (CS_OFFICE) where survivors (Possibly skinned into military personnel) have to rescue a survivor from a spot in the map. (That could change every time)

I suppose using ai_relationships and scripted sequences but I don’t really know much about the L4D2 engine.

Isn’t such a thing as ai_relationship in L4D it uses a completely different system.

Oh. I’m not sure then. Maybe making a custom NPC that the zombies think of as friendly or, if possible, both neutral to the bots and zombies.


Then gets replaced by a different NPC that the zombies dislike when you want it to.

This is actually a really good idea for a gamemode… You mean sorta like a Search and Rescue? However, the people you are rescuing will need to be unarmed, since anymore than 4 survivors make it tougher for the infected.

This is an awesome idea in my opinion, just don’t ruin it by making it unbalanced!

Oh and about your question? I’m not too sure myself, I’ve only been playing around with the L4D2 engine a few days, but this seem like something which is very possible in Source, so keep looking into it!


It sounds fantastic.

Sorry I didn’t mention that before :v:

I tend to answer questions before fully reading OP.

Wow didn’t think people would like it

now to find help!!