left 4 dead 2 map

I was playing through c3m3_shantytown on left 4 dead 2 and i think to myself.
“Man this place would be a great RP map on Gmod.”
Though i dont have any idea how to work an editor maybe someone here could do it. Just delete all the zombies and whatnots.

You can’t port L4D2 maps to gmod at the moment as the format is different. I was working on a Swamp Fever map a few months back, which I should really start working on again.

(The stuff at the top of that thread is shit btw, the best stuff is at the bottom)

I agree. A L4D2 map would be awesome.

I have a feeling it’s Corky that keeps labeling everyone’s suggestion/comments as dumb. Every post I see him/her reply in has the suggestion/comment labeled as dumb. I got a dumb label for agreeing with someone wow.

Unlike you, I prefer to put thought into my comments, rather than just hit a big “disapprove” button.

I assume you go into posts before reading them with a negative attitude. Instead of realising the good and the bad aspects of a suggestion or comment you just feel you need to critique everyone. Think about it, Corky. Take a look at your recent comments. Your comments are mature, however they’re negative.

If you don’t like my cynicism, go whine about it in a PM I won’t read.

You’re treating this like an argument and you’re throwing comebacks at me like I’m offending you. Don’t take offense. Realise what you’re doing and take note on it. Improve on your mistakes. I’m sure you can be better than this.

ITT: Kurit, therapist extroadinaire :rolleyes:

Round and round we go Corky.

Since this thread is mostly derailed anyways. Why didn’t auto merge do anything about this?

If you take too long between posts automerge doesn’t work.

I don’t know why people are starting on you.

I mean you’re the cool cat.