Left 4 Dead 2 Max Payne Nick replacement

It’s not a bad idea actually, i mean it could either be a skin or model since Nick’s clothes look pretty much the same like Max’s, and there is already a Max Payne model out, so someone could just animate that model and port it to Left 4 Dead 2.

I support this idea.


Isn’t Max Payne wearing a leather jacket? They have a completely different shape to a suit.

Um, its still possible.

basicly he wants this: (more or less, the left picture)


to replace this:

it could be a simple reskin, just dont bother with the tie on payne, and besides, its a skin, so the leather can just be on the texture


i just noticed, nick and payne actualy look alike (face not clothes)

Wow, sexy actor. :v:

Never saw the movie, now I shall :smiley:

Thought, my siblings say it sucked so :3:

I support this. Would be cool. :o