Left 4 Dead 2 not displaying specular maps

So I’ve recently started working on my diner map again, but now I’m moving it over to L4D2 from ep2. Almost everything worked out fine, or I managed to fix in a few minutes, but I am still having trouble getting anything related to $envmap to show on my map. I’ve googled the issue, returning only something on adding an env_fog_controller with FogEnable set to Yes. Sadly it did not work, and everything in my map is still dull. I’m pretty sure my vmts are set up correctly, but just in case, here’s an example:

	"$basetexture" "modelsrc/JPs/graytex"
	"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
	"$envmaptint" "[1 1 1]"
	"$envmapcontrast" 0
	"$surfaceprop" "metal"
	"$model" 1

Might require a specular mask for it to show. Haven’t done any modding for L4D2 yet.

Apparently L4D2 vmt’s don’t have the quotations around the actual parameters “$basetexture” turns to $basetexture, I’m going to try compiling with that changed…

So I’ve half given up on getting anything with the LightmappedGeneric shader to shine, I’m going to focus on just models for now. One thing I noticed is that the model viewer shows specular maps just fine, but it doesn’t appear in-game. For some reason all of Valve’s models will shine without even needing to run buildcubemaps…

Anyone got any ideas?


I just noticed that my barstool model has a lot of red areas when I choose to view BadVertexData instead of Textured. How would I fix this?


Ok, now I’m just starting to get irritated at L4D2’s inability to make my specular maps work, I’ve tried everything, it shows up everywhere EXCEPT in game.