Left 4 Dead 2 Storm Rain in Gmod.

I was wondering if its possible to recreate the rain effects from left 4 dead 2 in a map in gmod? or any other source mod, I think its just a particle but I am not sure. Anyway some help on this would be great, also here is a tut on how it works in l4d2.

Please let me know if there is a way guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think there is a way to. You could probably recreate it with some good particle/rain effects and nice storm sounds.

I’m not sure you’d be able to do it with the current engine GMod runs on per se (:argh: blame garry), but I may be wrong.

I’m sure a cruder version of this can be set up via lua (which would still probably rule). Or maybe even someone can mod and reverse engineer some of the l4d2 map elements to work on a new gmod map. I dunno.

I am hoping we can reverse engineer it into gmod, im pretty sure its just a particle effect with some fog. I might try and recreate it now. Wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use func_precipitation, but it won’t look nearly that good. It also has a few bugs and limitations. Like you can’t use it in huge open areas (VERTEX_BUFFER_OVERFLOW) and you can outrun the precipitation effect (precipitation is only created in a bubble around the player, if you get in a fast vehicle, you can outrun the effect.)

You could also make that effect with particle systems, but it would be insanely slow, and would cripple most machines.

It would be good if the particle effect follows the player like the fun_precipitation bubble does, that would fix the huge memory problem, anyone had any experience creating pcfs? anyway any tuts would be great.

ALSO guys my l4d2 isnt updated and I am capped, can someone look through the PCFs for me and see if there is any rain ones? and upload here it would be greatly appreciated.

I made a map once with something like that for gmod, and it comes pretty close.

When the storm starts, 4 or 5 func_precipitation brushes spawn via a point_template. The fog’s begin and max distance decreases. Ambient generic plays storm/rain/thunder sounds. Every now and then the fog colour changes in something white/yellow ish for 0.1 seconds (or a bit less) to simulate lighting. All is tied to a logic_timer that starts the event every 7 mins or so.


Here is the map: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=740890

It was my first map i released in public.

The weather effects are modest, not really a big storm but you can always intensify it. Feel free to decompile, but dont just copy paste :wink:

And how you are going to download those from here, if you hitted the cap? :v:

well a pcf is about 11k, a l4d2 update could be 100’s of megs, if not gigs

The fog effect would be achievable using fog_override and a skybox the same colour as the fog.

The rain in hard rain is a particle effect iirc

How else would it be created? But yeah, you’d have to rip it and any materials it uses / children uses.

I guess you could copy the light_env values, the fog values, the color correction values, and the particles. Or just add basic Ep2 rain to the mix.
Would be close enough.

Other people have elaborated on copying over the particle effects, which would probably be a good start. That said, there are pieces of the L4D2 storm that I don’t think ep2 can replicate. Specifically, the storm dampens various sound channels, like voicechat and some sound effects.

Yeah the sound effect are hard to replicate, but really we could just start with the visual effects for now. Also yes Don Punch is 100% correct, a pcf and a few materials are alot smaller than a huge update which I cannot get at the moment :confused: but yes if anyone could post this for me, or even give converting it over a try would be great.