Left 4 Dead 2-style Css Weapons WIP

This is something i have been working on for a while now
it has custom reorigined view models

And fixed world models too!!

What does this have to do with L4D2? ‘~’

look at the position of the gun

I see now :open_mouth: I thought it was something odd about them but I didn’t know what it was xD Nice job :smiley:

you put a German player holding l4d2 like German content. lol

yeah i just noticed that

Did you rig the CSS hands onto the L4D2 viewmodel?

I’m pretty sure those are the normal CS:S weapons, too. Probably just repositioning, recoding, and resounding them to resemble Left 4 Dead 2 weapons without actually getting the models (Not sure how hard getting the actual weapon view models would be though).

:psyduck: This looks excellent, but I cannot figure out how it was done, regardless of your explanation. Are the view models pointed at a different angle?

thanks guys ill be sure to release them soon

Very. They use c_ models rather than v_ models, which means you’d need to figure out a way to get them working, and then you gotta do all 4 (8?) for the different hands models and upload them separately.

Can you make a separate version that replaces regular CS:S v_model

i could try but can someone tell me how to replace the hands?

This is a very good jumping off point for Lua. Gold star for you.

You will need to recreate the v model and create a new V hands rigged to that gun (like the L4D2 and Unloackable TF2 ones) or you create an v_model with new hands.
PS:Are you creating v_models of original L4D2 weapons too?

Thanks, and this sir, is sexy.

Right-click melee?

oh yeah i forgot about that how do i add melee animations??

I never played L4D 1 or 2, what am I looking at that’s so awesome?

I’d just like someone to explain.

Explanations have no effect on the non-initiated. Go play L4D.