Left 4 Dead 2 Survivor model

I need someone to use the Civil Protection model and apply it with L4D2 bones. I want it to use it as a replacement for Nick.

I support this.

Maybe also make a version with Nick’s head.

It’s great that you support this, but is anyone willing to do it?

I support this too, there’s a person who is making shit loads of replacement survivors (StormTrooper, GordonFreeman, Lara Croft, RE characters) L4d1 and 2.

It is found herein the comment section, I think all you have to do is make a post on the responses requesting it and he’ll do it for you. I’d do it but the annoying Google ad’s block me from verifications before posting a comment.

I spy a Jason replacement in there

So many cool things :smiley:

I wanna see a Postal Dude Ellis replacement, oh well. These are great

You’re right, there is a Jason replacement. If only it was rigged good. You mind if you can request there to make the TF141 people as survivors? I seriously need to find a way to get rid of those google ads so I can post it myself because the ads are blocking me from righting the verification thing it tells you to do at.

I tried to write a request last night but it kept giving me an error, even after I made a account

Damn, its like impossible to post. First theres the google ads blocking the verification code/post button, now errors!

Man it’d be really awsome to have Metrocop model for L4D2.

My point. I’m doing a HL2 Mod for L4D2.