Left 4 Dead 2 weapons

Are there any packs with the L4D2 weapons? I can’t seem to find any. I have managed to cobble together all of the infected and survivors, and some of the other items but can’t find any that have the guns and melee weapons. If none exist, could someone make one?

Go on garrysmod.org,type in either “l4d” or “left 4 dead” and look for one called “Modified L4D2 weapons pack” OR go to FB Models releases and look for it there.

Ok, I guess I’ll give that another look.


I didn’t find a weapons pack but I found this, which I have tried to download before but it gets to less than 20% done and it jumps up to 100%, and the zip file is unusable.

These are the ones Wolf’s talking about.


I have the items pack, but can’t get anything but the default items. I can’t get stuff like the ammo skin for the medpack. there is only the one type. And ent_fire !picker setbodygroup doen’t work to get the other skins.
Also, does that weapons pack come with melee weapons?


OK, the weapons pack doesn’t have the melee weapons, which is mostly what I’m after.


Found the melee weapons.

There’s a skin switcher tool on gmod.org and Bloo posted the bodygroup changer in both the release threads for those packs.