Left 4 Dead A-Team

Alright, so one day, I was on Garry’s Mod, and I happened to realize that together, Bill, Coach, Ellis, and Nick all look like the A-Team- Hannibal Smith, B.A Baracus, H.M. Murdock, and Templeton Smith, respectively.


For Bill, for example, it looks as though simply shaving him a bit would do the trick, as well as giving him a cigar.

Now, I know that many outlandish skins have been made (i.e. Russian Bill, Celtic Zoey, etc.) that look completely different from the original, and I figured that something like this would be worth a try. Any takers?

Obviously, this is a one-at-a-time thing. Heck, if I could get one, I’d be happy.

I think that Francis would make a better Mr. T if reskinned.

Has anyone ever tried combining the facial features of two survivors? If so…Then a combined Francis-Coach reskin might work…But yeah, I think you’re right.

lawl haha

Hey, thanks for bumping the past like 20 threads, though.

Haha, this would be awesome. Could replace sound files with voice clips from the show too.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if Keith could be used in here…

“Shut up fool” Comin’ from Coach? Sweeeeeeeet… Who the fuck would Ellis be?

Replace the muscle car at the end of Dead Center with the A-Team van.

Win will result

Well, Murdock’s the closest

Also, wouldn’t be hard at all to make the A-team van.

Am i the only one who noticed a resemblance between the picture of Face up the top, and Steve Carrell?