Left 4 Dead and L4D2 objects not working.

I used the program that automatically gets all L4D items into Gmod, and it worked fine. Then I joined a server which didn’t support the items, and when I tried to spawn one nothing would happen or an error would appear. I thought it would go back to normal on singleplayer, but it didn’t. I ran the program again and that didn’t do anything.

Should I delete all the items and then run the program again? And where would I go about finding these files so I can delete them?

Just go to the gmount_2 options menu (It’s right off of the main menu I believe) and unmount it (uncheck it), then go back into the game, remount it, exit the game, and next time you load it up you should have all the stuff back.

Mount2 is not on the list of things you can unmount.

He means unmount L4D