Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools crashes on startup

I know this is a gmod mapping section but I don’t know where else to post it.

I downloaded the Authoring Tools and while I can open the tools menu hammer crashes on startup, the program just stops responding. I couldn’t find anything on google. Please help.

I’m not sure about the authoring tools, but from the SDK I would say to refresh the content if its possible. If its not, I’m not sure.

the l4d hammer is still kinda broken, many people (like me) have to wait about 3min before hammer starts to react. Just wait a few minutes and it should be all right.

That’s not it being broken, that’s it loading all the content from the VPK File system, and searching in Addon folders.

Ah, that actually makes sense. And it works. Thanks.

Why so impatient?