Left 4 Dead Beer Party.


Can’t remember seeing them posed drunk.
Scenario. The gang has found an abandoned beer factory. Needless to say. The girls stayed sober in case infected came knocking. And the guys… will be guys:cheers:

Bahahaha Zoey’s face.

omg coach is at it again

Bill, meet frying pan. Frying pan, meet Bill:biggrin:

Nick’s pose made my day :cheers:


I didn’t laugh or smile D:

No lol accord

Alrighty then, someone gets a rainbow.

“Bill reaches for Zoey’s breast! Well Jim it looks like this going to be a good fight!
Uh oh, Zoey is going for the frying pan! Oh! She can’t pick it up because she is from Left 4 Dead 1!”
I lol’d

Why the rainbow:)

And nobody cares about poor Louis puking his guts out. I personally liked Francis pose best. Reminds me of my old stepdad.
He needed something to support him when he insisted on drinking standing up.

Cause we love rainbows.

If it is about Coach being Rochelle’s brother.

He is not

. People got that idea because he calls her little sister in the game. He does so because he is overprotective of her.

Here is proof. Subit god damn it:black101: http://left4dead.wikia.com/wiki/Coach

Of course I didn’t mean that, lil brotha.

Coach is getting done from behind. INVISIBLY.

Damn you and your sharp eye. There my gay secrete was out of the closet:bang:


Hmm your right. Do you have link to other frying pans?

I’m the invisible guy.

i like the way nick’s posed.