Left 4 Dead black room posing.

Zero out of game effects



Not to happy with Francis



Bill’s faceposing is a little eh, otherwise, purty guud.

Thanks :dance:


Comment people!

Why’s Louis flashing gang signs (or a peace sign?) he’s an office worker

why was winston churchill flashing gang signs (or a peace sign?) he was a prime minister

Because you can clearly see he’s got something in his hand but is still obliged to wave, so he compromises and flashes a gang sign to his homies in the crowd.

Um… it’s not the peace sign. It’s v for victory.

Because he’s a stereotypical black guy.

[sp]Not Racist[/sp]

No he would be wearing a Burger King uniform.

They’re not dead so Louis is flashing a V for victory too! :v:

I like the Louis one, he looks calm’d and badass, and the posing is fairly OK.

Louis’ isn’t making the peace sign as his hand is facing the wrong way.

And why is Bill’s moustasche do much darker than his beard?

Louis is making a V for victory! And I have no clue!

V for victory goes the other way (the way WC is doing it)

Or a gang sign…

Not always.

Gangs are dead…

Dark as fuck.
Cant see anything.

You must be blind.

well he was doing it to himself to motivate himself but he got distracted thats why hes looking away