Left 4 dead competition: Intense Combat!

There are so many competitions out walkin’ now a days. So I was thinking I’d make one too. I’ll be making a competition series revolving arround left 4 dead every time. This time it’s “Intense Combat”
Here are the winners.
First place goes to Wyrmdraken.

His picture looks very cinematic. The posing and facial expressions are good. And the overal quality of the picture is top notch.
Second place goes to Geos88.


It’s got a nice dark feel to it, the pose is very good and it has the right left 4 dead style.
Third place goes to TheMannest.


The colors are very good, and it got a very fast past action feel going on.
And some of the honorable mentions.


It looks like it was taken in left 4 dead. The colors are good and choice of map is perfect.


Very funny and original picture.

Also very original and unique.

Note: I will PM you the prizes, because I might have a better prize than what I had originally thought.

Here are some examples (some of my old old pictures) these will not in anyway participate in the contest, they are merely for example.
Submissions: You can submit as many entriest as you would like, but only one picture per person can get a winner spot.
Voting: No ratings or stuff like that will be concidered when deciding the winners, only me and a few selected judges will be able to do that.
Images Old images will be imedeatly disqualified, it must be a new picture. Any sort of editing goes, but it isn’t a MUST!

Note: If you are interested in being a judge PM me, I won’t reply to you before the day of voting shall begin, so if any of you guys that pm’d me haven’t entered the contest. I might pick you.

The deadline is till Tuesday 21th


I’ll def enter this.

L4D related screenshots are boring and generic IMHO. Does it really have to be L4D?

It is possible to make something original with anything. And yeah in this it does. Sorry.

My God… so many competitions now-a-days.

WhiteFolks fault.


bill looks weird…:raise:

The shells from Francis’ weapon are going into orbit!



I actually had something else in mind, but I came up with this instead.

If Only there was a TF2 competition.

Mhh … I’m kind of split here. On one hand, i’ve got a bunch of good ideas to pose but on the other hand, it’s no real challenge for me in terms of imagination and creativity.

Also, what’s really the point here ? Once this thing is over, the thread marches straight into oblivion.
If there would be some reward for the effort, like Whitefolks has it, it would be more attracting.

I might try this. Reserved.

if only i could get l4d models to work

Are the survivors a must? Or could I just use the L4D zombies and then recreate the L4D atmosphere?

Cool, this is more organized than the others, so I’ll most likely give it a try! =D

What the Hell is up with all these new competitions? I like this one at least, so I might try.

The survivors crash my PC, as well as the Witch and Smoker. The Tank and the Hunter are glitched, so I’m left with a Boomer and some Infected. Are we allowed to create our own survivors and Infected?

I don’t see why a bit of fan-fiction shouldn’t be allowed.
Take pity on this poor soul!