Left 4 Dead content not in gmod after update?

Okay, so I got the newest update, checked off Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 in the extensions thing, restarted it, and still nothing.

I tried getting the L4D content ages ago using gm_mount, is this possibly because of that? please help.

It’s there for me- under “other” in the maps.

It doesn’t load the maps, though. It appears to be looking for them in Gmod’s map directory?

Haven’t tried models on another map. I’ll do that next.

Props, ragdolls, effects, etc work.

Try playing one of the games first

I did try doing that and still nothing, any other ideas?

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I should also have specified, the maps appear, but they don’t load, but nothing else appears at all.

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Wait, in my Steam Downloads page, the download on the update says “0 bytes / 0 bytes”. Is this maybe a Steam issue?

Ok so i tried as well and i get the same error if i copy the maps to the maps folder i get the error that the bsp version is 21 and it was expecting 20

The L4D + L4D2 maps are IIRC incomparable with the older version of source.

Well i know but when i saw that l4d1/2 content was available in gmod i was expecting for full support including maps

Hmm, now after the latest update. Not even the L4D content appears.

Load L4D and install it so the gfc and models appear -> Load Gmod -> extensions -> 2nd one down click it -> then tick left 4 dead -> restart gmod -> all fixed.

Nope, that did not worked (Both L4D & L4D2 have been loaded previously, long before this update took place).

The console reads “MDLCache: Failed load of .VTX data for XXXX”

Yeah i get that too but mine still works fine, most likely your Graphics card or something.

Not likely, since they worked fine before the update (Been using gm_mount2 for a while).

Edit: I’d figured out what went wrong. When trying to remedy the “Excessive Phong”, I’ve set my directx version to 8.

Well, my DX version is definitely NOT set to 8. It’s telling me the maps aren’t there at all.