Left 4 Dead Content, put it back up

I think someone has posted this before, but why would L4D content be removed from the added content to Gmod(Like you can use TF2 and DoD:S ingame). Its really a load of bullcrap. L4D zombies are better than the HL2, for obvious reasons. Also alot of the content would have been really good for alot of things. Now its all “Download the content for Gmod” instead of being a built-in.

Different engine.

They both run source engine.

They’re different versions.


Same engine, one is more refined. There is not real difference, except one has more emphasis on lighting and the layout of how thye effects work togather.


I remember reading that the objects inside of L4D were using unbelievably large textures with a specific clipping algorithm that would allow them to quickly render different “skins” on cars and the like, piece by piece.

Very very clever algorithm. Allowing unrestricted access to L4D models would allow people to access these megatextures, allowing them to crash clients with impunity.

The objects you get from this would be various dumpsters, cars, and the ragdolls. It doesn’t seem like a good trade-off.

Saying “put it back up” implies it was there before.

Based on garry saying that valve are cool with him shipping his own “filesystem.dll” there is a good chance that Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 content will be able to be mounted.

If you knew what you were talking about you would realize there is real difference.

  • Filesystem
  • Lack of Valve support
  • New model format
  • New animation format (and entirely new animation block file)
  • Physics-based animation
  • Enumerations
  • Effects
  • Different, unaccessible AI code
  • New shaders and texture proxies

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Of course, Valve is apparently giving garry the filesystem code (see above) which means one or more of the things on that list could be realized

L4d is in a NCF. A different file type there chief.

Actually, nearly everything but maps work properly in GMod. A few shaders are missing which render some models’ textures unusable but it works.
And as solution to OP’s problem: Get gm_mount2.

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ncf is actually just a dummy-file format. It just spans a tree of files without any data. The files are actually stored in folders and .vpk containers. The source-engine GMod uses does not (yet?) support VPKs, but gm_mount2 does.