Left 4 Dead content

Where is it? I have got L4D installed, but GMod seems to ignore it.

L4D content is not included in garrysmod, because the game runs on a different engine, or a different version, at least. There is a guy who took most of the models from the game and put them in here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=736665

Follow the directions there, and wa-la.

There’s a way of porting ALL of the L4D content to gmod.

It’s explained here in this thread.

L4D isn’t, and never will be mountable by Gmod.

uuuuuh…have you read the other 2 posts? There are some methods right there. plus, there have been maps from L4D put into gmod.

But it appears to use some HDD space.
So I will stay with downloading models.

He said MOUNTING, not taking them from L4D’s .gcf, converting them, then addoning them.


This can be useful.