Left 4 Dead content

Ok, so I just paid for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2[that Steam sale going]

Soooo, how the eff do I get it’s content into Gmod, as it has no option for either game in the extensions



I can’t purchase the pack, I get an internal transacton initialization error :C

I got it but now the Left 4 Dead 1 stuff seems broken, it won’t show up when I spawn it. I hear it and can move it, but the model is invisible, not even a shadow.

Does the Left 4 Dead 2 stuff work?

Yes it does, I can spawn all of that including infected just fine, however it seems that the classic infected were swapped for the new ones, so I can’t use the Left 4 Dead 1 boomer design. I can’t even find the Spitter or Boomette though.

That and the Left 4 dead 1 props being invisible.

Spitters and boomettes were not in Left 4 dead 1. Not sure how to fix the invisible props problem.

Well I tried a completely clean re install a bit ago and that did nothing.


And now ragdolls are fucking invisible.

Both the Louis and Bill ragdolls

Try launching GMod with -dxlevel 9

Still broken, and I’m getting a ton of error icons.