Left 4 Dead Corpse Physics

(I couldn’t tell if this belonged here because it’s a request, or in the regular section because it’s more of a discussion.)

So I’ve noticed the physics on a couple L4D bodies are much different than the regular ones for the infected. They’re much heavier, and their limbs don’t act like hinges. For me, it seems much easier to pose with, because they’re much more flexible.

I was wondering if it was possible to use these physics in the regular HL2 ragdolls. I’m not sure if it’s possible, as the certain one I’m talking about is for L4D, and I don’t know anything that has to do with recreating physical properties from one game to another. I would do this myself, but I have no idea how. If someone could do it, I would really appreciate the work.

Picture as to what ragdoll I’m talking about. (Please don’t critique my posing skills or map choice, this was the only picture I could find.)


Do you have any idea what bone set the L4D models use? As I think they do use the Valve Biped (but a modified version), which means you could (in theory) copy the .phy file of the model your talking about, rename it the same as the model you want to replace the collision model of and then it might work if the bones are positioned at the same state.

Actually, have a go and see if the game crashes, if it does it wont work and will have to be modified by someone who can figure out how to decompile them to get hold of the joint contrain values and if it doesn’t fantastic ^^

The L4D surgeon infected is the only one that has a .phy model for some reason. Just copy that and rename it to whatever zombies you want to have a .phy model.

eh? is this the pack that was on GMod.org your on about? because the ones I ported all have collision models.

Well the only ragdoll to have this kind of physics is that exact model, the dead dude in the suit that you find on the Subway in No Mercy. I was hoping it would be possible to get this kind of phy file to the HL2 ragdolls.

I just said that there’s already a normal infected with a .phy model. common_surgeon. :argh:

Although the dead guy probably has the same .phy so whatever.

Could someone tell me how to get a hold of the L4D content? I want to mess around with it, but don’t know how to access it. :frown:

I don’t know how to get it out now. I backed up a .VPK from before the update and can get that shit from there, but it can’t get new Crash Course stuff. I just take stuff from GMod.org though so I don’t have to make that .vvd file or whatever was missing.

Alright, so now what. Do I just copy over the file and rename it or something?

Yes copy the ,phy and rename it the same as the .mdl file you want to add it to.

Just tried that. I did it on male_02, and now he’s in a T-pose and missing pupils.

Ok that suggests its not on the same skeleton, but the missing pupils thing makes no sense at all @.@

That worked like a charm, I think it even fixes the new .vpk problem.



While I am not a modeller, that “no pupils” error stems from the fact Infected do not have posable eyes to save on resources, that’s why they are mostly pupiless…

Besides the fact zombies don’t really need good eyes, and making them actually able to look at stuff makes them lose their feral charm.

Well I still don’t know what to do. Is it even possible to take one model and use another model’s physics?

Yeah, it should be from what I remember.

You are going to need a professional modeller to do it sadly, at least with this example.

These will need a recompile.

Ah. Well I’ll try and ask some dudes for me.

thanks guys.

Sorry for the necro (Please don’t ban me,there are very few places to look these days and this is my only hope) but have you had any luck?If you have,can you compile it to a .zip and send it to me,please?