Left 4 Dead Day Time Skyboxes

This has been driving me crazy, I’ve searched all over google and have checked many forums and sites for ways to get a day time skybox in your own custom L4D maps, but I haven’t found anything useful.

I’ve also checked sites for custom skyboxes to download but no luck either, does anyone know where I can get a custom skybox, or how to use one from a different source game?

Rip them from EP2, download GCFScape and open “ep2 materials” and search for the skyboxes and place them in the respective folder in your L4D folder.

Alright thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Edit: Another question, does it have to be EP2? Because most of those skyboxes would be smokey looking from the citadel fire.

No, as long as you can find a HDR skybox you’ll be fine.

Well GFCScape appears to be no help, I can’t seem to find a materials folder anywhere in the Half-Life 2 Episode Two folder, infact there’s hardly anything, what’s with that?

Go to your Steamapps folder, there should be a load GCF Files there.

And then open episode_two_materials.gcf