Left 4 Dead func_precipitation doesn't work?

I have the exact same settings as the rain in “No Mercy” for the func_precipitation, but my rain doesn’t show up at all. What gives?

Also despite having 4 info_survivor_positions in my map, i’m still spawning at the origin. How can I fix this?

For the spawn, have you painted your level with nav mesh yet?

Not yet.

That will be why then…the survivors don’t spawn till you set a spawn zone.

How tall is your precipitation brush?

Your percipitation brush has to be really tall, I usually have it 1024 inches just to be sure. Just make it taller and it will show up.

The survivor positions is an entity used by the director for such things as intro sequences and finales, they also represent respawn positions in rescue closets. The actual spawnpoint entity is still info_player_start. You just need one, all survivors will spawn near it.
When you get a navmesh they will be instantly moved to the player start mesh at map load.
And you can even control which survivor goes where with the survivor positions and director. This is useful for for example intro sequences like zooming into a specific survivor.

That made it show up, but i have no splashes on the ground, what do I do about that? :c

You need HDR I believe. Maybe fog too.

In LDR the effect is still there but too faint to see? Or something.

You know these are all things you could have found out if you weren’t a lazy fuck and had used google and the sdk docs.

I googled it but I didn’t find anything. Don’t call me a lazy fuck.

Oh yeah. You have to add a env_fogcontroller. It controls particles to some extent in L4D for whatever reason.

And most relevantly; http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Left_4_Dead_Level_Creation

These are both linked in the SDK’s.

I know all of this almost exclusively from there.

As the others stated you need a env_fog_controller with some decents settings to it, an fx controller is also recommended as well as a color correction.

Did you change the rain type to particle rain instead of just rain?

Stop calling him lazy and help him instead, not everyone knows how to browse through the sdk docs or even what it is.

If you don’t know how to look something up I think learning hammer is a lofty goal.