Left 4 Dead infected have some animations???

Alright, so I was fooling around with Model Manipulator, and I decided to try and switch a citizen model to the infected models from L4D. Surprisingly, the special infected seem to perform animations of some kind before they T-pose. As in, the tank begins to do some weird flexing animation, the hunter goes into its crouch pose, and the smoker does its usual slouch.

Even the common infected had a brief animation, though I lagged majorly.

What exactly is going on here?

Mine have gone completely wrong;


Though the common infected are the only ones who are effected by the zombie animations I strangly have. They’ve gained hunch backs and log necks.

IDK, I tried it with the citizen, and apart from lagging like a motherfucker, it actually had their default anims (if only for a few seconds)

Its probably the fact the person you downloaded it from included the animations.

If they used their original animations from L4D, like hunter was crouching for a second, then no that’s probably just a bug.

Yeah, I was wondering, I just placed them on citizens. Even the witch had them.

These models are separate from the ones I use for Necropolis RP, which are rigged for use in GMod, so I just found it interesting.


I’m the model and animation dev for Necropolis. Basically, I take the models and try to replicate the animations from scratch, slapping a standard zombie animation to those that I deem second priority (the ones that don’t have huge skeletons, see tank or boomer). That’s why we have L4D anims working; not because we’ve managed to port over l4d anims. That’s not to say I haven’t tried (see what I’ve done so far at http://luaforfood.com/extractingl4d.txt ).

Oh, I know that those ones work, it’s just that the ones I had from the giant ass model packs worked.