Left 4 Dead: Kill with skill


I just got idea from playing Bulletstorm. Posing for 2 hours and I tried to edit for 2 hours.
Just do for fun :wink: C&C please.

Picture without text.

Not sure if want to buy Bulletstorm or begging for valve to add score.

Bulletstorm looks like a terrible FPS . Developers pathetically tried to make it interesting by adding some RANDOM POINTS FOR NO REEZUN LOLOL everywhere.

Funny picture , the editing is good and the posing is great!

I find it fun to shoot an enemy in the balls then explode his head violently with my big ass boots. Plus if you actually played the game you’d know those points are used to buy ammos and upgrades for your weapons.

How I love it when in video games you need shit like monies etc. to buy guns and crap like that

It’s fun game like old FPS, just shoot enemyon the way and get high score. I don’t mention how game is so realistic or not, I just play for fun. =)

And thank you for comments.

wow … is that custom muzzleflash…?

No… it’s muzzleflashes made by hand in Photoshop.

Yeah, I didn’t do much muzzleflash. I have to improve more. Thanks friend =)

That makes it even more stupid.