Left 4 Dead Map Idea - Minecraft Zombies

Now, those of you who’ve played Minecraft know that as night falls, zombies show up. There are zombies in Left 4 Dead.

There are minecraft maps in Source. Now I’m not saying “hurr let’s add zombies to those maps and make them night yay”

I’m saying that someone could potentially make a great Left 4 Dead map, (or campaign, but that’d be a bit much unless you plan it out, or go like, day caves > night > night caves > night/dusk/dawn mountain and breakable house finale or something), all using a minecraft-esque landscape.

This isn’t a request, just an idea for anyone who doesn’t know what to do.

I also figured I’d write it down somewhere before I forgot about it.

I say you try it and see how it goes.

Here: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=7457

Edit: Excuse myself for misunderstanding the thread. Seems like a good idead for a level, especially if someone knows how to script. Being able to make and arrange blocks would be a cool feature, but not sure if that can be done.

I should. I’m really lazy, but I could do it.

I said it was an idea for a campaign, and that is just one map that’s not even finished.

Sounds good to me. Would this be for L4D2 or L4D?

axe, pickaxe and sword need to be melee weapons
crossbow and flint and steel for ranged weapons

Left 4 Dead 2, just because of melee weapons. However, I’m not about to go scripting anything into the game.

No shit?

As in to say, “Well, there are zombies here, and zombies here…”

I know I was being obvious, I was making a point.

Sounds more like a gamemode to me.

How so? He’s talking about a perfectly normal survival map or campaign with Minecraft based maps.

I think it sounds sweet. Would be very interesting, especially since source looks better than minecraft.
I just hope its done right.

I’m…well, from experience, VERY bad at generating Navs. I know it’s stupid. But, the last time I tried it it broke my map. Even after compiling again. ):

So I have to wait until I can figure things out first…

If anyone wants to try it the idea is up for grabs, as long as you mention me somewhere.

I guess.