Left 4 Dead map sketch

Yeah so I had this idea for a map the whole day today, so the first thing that I’ve done when I got back home was to draw a rough sketch for the map.


Explanation (and story I guess):

The map stars on the top of a cliff, and the players continue to the end by getting into an already “visited” safe room… they continue trough a long tunnel and are being attacked by zombies that got trough the ventilation system.

The players going out of the tunnel to the top of a building that is built inside a gap in the cliff (mountain, whatever…). Then they get into the building trough the roof exit.

There are 3 floor in that building. The players get into the staircase trough the roof exit and go one floor down, the stairs are blocked, they need to go trough the whole building to reach the 2nd staircase, and from there continue to the 1st staircase.

After reaching the bottom level, they need to enter a tunnel from the main lobby, that leads to a road outside the facility.

There is a catwalk leading down the dip slope down. But it is broken right before the sand level, the fall could hurt the players, so it is better to go trough another way, forward, into a tunnel… And then down the ladder to the seafloor.

the players need to activate a horn and wait for the rescue boat to come. While they’re waiting, they are being attacked by zombies that are coming from the road, and from the underground are of the house.

Your drawing is good, but can you create it in hammer is the question :eek:


Also i love how you put 3 Foor instead of 3 floor :v:

lol the 4 foor caused by writing too fast and thinking about the sketch itself rather than the text.

Wouldn’t it be better if you started at the bottom? Thats what I first thought when I saw it :v:

Well, the most logic way would’ve been starting in the middle, if you want to connect crash course with this map (like, the car ran out of gas or something). But the main point now is to get down to the boat, as if it’s a separate campaign.

Christ, this shit’s just like my map.

Do it. I really like the concept sketch, easy to read.

Why it’s shit?