Left 4 Dead Models Eye Problem

I downloaded Left 4 Dead models for Garry’s mod, and it all worked. But there was only one problem. The survivor’s eyes had the purple and black error texture. I downloaded a different pack, but I got the same problem. I reinstalled Garry’s Mod, but the eye’s were STILL missing.

Does anyone know how to fix this?? Please help.

  1. Since you own GMod and L4D1/2, you can make use of gm_mount2 to prevent having to download all the models a second time.

  2. I think you have to set -dxlevel 8

The reason the eyes have a purple and black texture is because your DirectX version is too low. If your card supports DirectX 8+ then you’ll be able to see them with this.

In your steam library, right click on “Garry’s Mod”. Click on “Properties” which is at the bottom of the list. Click on “Set Launch Options” and in that, write “-dxlevel 90” without the quotes (If that doesn’t work try -dxlevel 80). Click “OK” and close the dialog box. Run Garry’s Mod.