Left 4 Dead models issue.

I recently (as in an hour ago) downloaded the Left 4 Dead models (link here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=56689) as well as the spawnlist fix and installed them fine and all but when i go to use them in Gmod the eye textures seem to be missing or something.

I also could have sworn i’ve seen videos and screenshots of the left 4 dead models in gmod having their faces posed and such but as you can tell even with the expression scale maxed and a random expression their faces stay the same.

is there possibly a different model pack i should download with the correct eye texters and facial rigging or what? I didn’t see any other L4D model packs on garrysmod.org besides prop sets when i searched.

Thats very very Creepy.
On a more hepful note:
Do you Own L4d?

start Gmod with the command -dxlevel90 and it will be fixed.