Left 4 Dead Pills!

[release]Ever needed some pills in a tight situation? Well look no further! I have made these pills as close as I could from Left 4 Dead! Using the same model and same sounds!
Hope you enjoy, I sure did making them and messing with em!
(Movie quality is bad, it JUST finished uploading.)




Instructions: Spawn the pills, and it will make a randomized noise of one of the 6 noises. Eat them and it will make a randomized noise of one of 6 other noises! Spawn icon included!

Go wild :v:


Pretty funny! I’ll be using if for quite a while.

Hahaha I’m suprized no one thought of this yet.

Thanks for positive replies :v: I thought the same thing as DR.DRAY while I was coding it :downs:

Its called a Painkiller.

Why do they say Pills here! then? :razz:

Because Painkillers are served in pills.
Also, you need to add the actual healing effect for this SENT.

They don’t have to be painkillers if they’re pills, you know. They could be something else, but I’m just being nitpicky.

Painkillers are the only pills in L4D.

It sets your health to 100. I’ll try to get an effect in but I’m working on my Magic Barrel SENT too. What kind of healing effect would you like? I could go and get the sounds of them going “ahhhh” from using the pills.

The only reason no one did this is because they thought to themselfs, Oh wow… its so easy no one will care. I was WRONG.

Instead of having the survivors say things upon spawning the SENT, don’t have them say anything, and just have the generic sighing sound whenever you use it.

That’s what I’m doing right now :v: But I like the random, “Pills here!” from one of their voices. Right now I’m also trying to make it so if you have 100 health you can’t use them. If you have anything lower than 60 you can. But I’m having troubles and no one is posting in my thread :frowning:


I got it to print on your screen, “You don’t need pills!”, if your health is 100, but is still removes them and plays the noise :argh:

Also, you might want to implement a system like the pills from Durgzmod, where you eat the pills, your health instantly raises by 50, then decreases steadily to what it was prior to you eating the pills.

Haha! I aready did that, I’ll upload L4D pills V2 soon.


Updates so far:
You can’t eat the pills at 100+ health.
If you eat the pills, it automatically brings your health to 100 and slowly drains to about 70. (Might change)
Better sounds.

Needs to spawn Louis who attacks you for them.

lol that would take a while :pirate:

You should make the SEnt an SWep when you press E on it, and then you can just take a swig of pills when you really need it. Needs the temp-health effect from L4D, too.

I’m getting the Temp-health effect almost done, it works pretty much but I have no clue how to make it go to your original health so it just slowly depletes down to about 70ish. And I would need a modeller to make the V_model.