Left 4 Dead plane hacks?

Is anyone able to modify the Left 4 Dead airliner with these varients?

Intact, Gear up (No pieces missing, door closed)
Intact, Gear Down (No pieces missing)
Intact, longer model Gear up, Gear down
Intact, Longer model with engines on the wings instead of the back

Like, I dont really like the huge whole and the missing wing on it.

Wouldn’t you be better off looking for a model of an actual plane (or something similar) from something like flight sim and port it?

(as the L4D plane is in two halves that no matter what I do wont match up and I would have thought it would be quite alot of work to fix the gaps, definately to make it longer and add the wing.)

Edit: Found parts of some other planes aswell.

I dont think theres a posssible way to get the planes from a flight sim at the moment though

I know you can get them out of the old ones as i’m sure I did at some point.

Which sim did you use?

Because Imma try ripping them.

Well it was about 7 years ago, so one that was around then I guess (I could ask my friend if your desperate to know).

(Edited as it sounded a bit sarky)

Well, I just asking, how

I’m not entirely sure what you mean there.