Left 4 Dead Request (skin!)

Hello all. I don’t recall reading anything about possible requests. If I’m mistaken please correct me. I just have no idea where else to go. I don’t know anyone who does skins, and I’m completely useless when attempting to make them myself.

I’m looking for a kind soul who can do not only skin requests, but have it where the face can be manipulated (IE: The vestless Francis doesn’t have mouth/cheek muscles, only eyes and brows).

I won’t go into detail as to the… well… details of the request. I’ll go into that when/if I get a response. It’s nothing grand, but for something I’m doing for my Ask RP Blog: Ask Francis and Louis

Again if this isn’t acceptable, I apologize.

Edit: I’m also having trouble figuring out how to unnail things. It’s probably very obvious… How *do *you unnail things?