Left 4 Dead Reskins

Not sure if a similar tutorial has been posted but here’s my mini-tutorial on how to do it the AWESOME way!

(This tutorial assumes that you already have a skin modified and you simply want to insert it into the game. And that you know how to do basic source replacing/VMT modifying.)

Step 1:

Back up pak01_dir.vpk. It’s important that you do so, in-case you want to revert a skin!!

Step 2:

Open pak01_dir.vpk in Notepad++ (Or your favourite Hex Editor.)
In it you’ll find various VMT (Valve Material Files) all clumped together.

Find the VMT’s that link the material file that you’ve modified.

For this tutorial I have modified ChurchBus01_A and ChurchBus01_B

Find the VMT lines, and simply remove them.


Step 3:

Now simply place your modified VTF/VMT files in place!

Note: You’ll have to place VMT files along side, since you’ve just deleted the game’s VMT, in order to get it working.

Hope this helps, if not then boy…do I suck at tutorials eh?

edit: You need to rename the vtf to a different name, since the vpk step is only removing the vmt from the vpk. The original vtf will overlap the modified vtf if they’re the same name, oh yeah and the whitelist thingy isn’t required.

Pretty nifty, but what about models? Any luck?

Be sure to tell everyone to backup their files.

Doesn’t work for me.

I’m trying to replace the boomer texture. I removed the boomer texture from the VPK, added the stuff in the whitelist. I started the game and it complains that it can’t find the texture for the menu background. I add the menu background from the extracted VPK folder, but there’s missing textures everywhere in the menus. The game crashes as soon as I join a server.

So I copied the entire materials directory over, but it still crashes as soon as I get ingame.

If I replace my VPK with the default VPK, it works fine but the default model is loaded.

My question is, how are you even able to edit skins for L4D models?.

The .VTF’s seem to be updated too much for Photoshop’s VTF plugin to open them.

Use VTFEdit ( http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?c=149 ). Click File -> Export and export it to BMP or TGA. Edit with photoshop. Open VTFEdit, go to File -> Import, import it, then go to File -> Save.

Photoshop works fine for me, I have the same issue as belink though. It doesn’t want to happen.

Am I supposed to delete just the line that says churchbus01_a etc. or the entire thing? Because I did try both just that and all of it and it doesn’t work either way.

Deleting all of it gives me the same issues as belink and just deleting that line does nothing at all.

Ok, like I said in my first post, I’m using the BUS lines as an example.You are going to have to find the vmt file for the material YOU’RE editing. And you are not deleting the entire bloody thing D:

They open perfectly fine to me.

I figured how to fix my crashing problem.

Don’t use notepad or wordpad. Using Notepad++ ANSI was the only one that works.

Hmm maybe my plugin is outdated or something, because the moment I try, it just says “VTFlib prog has closed” or something like that anyway, I guess I’ll use VTF Edit instead.

But how do you preview the models?
there invisable and crash the game in hammer and fails to open in model viewer.

I can open them fine in model viewer…

really? D:
Dang ;_;
(I have the full game By the way.)


Errrm, what the fuck happened to my screenshot?

dang =[

Just noticed this lol…

You’ll (obviously) have to wait for a new studiomdl, due the change in the way it handles vtx files.

I can open them in the model viewer, but I can’t view any of their animations. ;_;

Of course, I am doing it with the files I am trying to replace, not the bus ones.

I am using Notepad++, but when I started it up it said the ANSI didn’t match a bunch of addons, like a XML viewer and some others, so it promted me to remove them, which I did, they were just addons, figured they weren’t needed.

I still have the HEX editor plugin however.


The source SDK model viewer doesn’t let me look at any models, have you imported the files and materials to another game or do you actually get L4D in the drop down list of games to pick from?

It’s using a newer version of the source engine, I just get the EP1 engine and Orange Box ones.

Pretty sure you have to fix the files with the .VTX .bat fixer.