left 4 Dead Survivors Player Models

It’d be great if someone could make working playermodels out of the survivors from L4D models found on Garrysmod.org


There’s already a Hunter playermodel but none for any of the other infected or the humans.


it’d be awesome if we could play as them. It would be so much easier to make movies using them without having to use just ragdolls.

Same with Team Fortress 2. If someone could make more than just the sniper and spy playermodels…

There is indeed a set of survivor and boss infected ( Plus, common) players but there models are extremely fucked

Why is it only the sniper, spy, and hunter seem fit for player models?

The explainations for all of those questions are simple-because they don’t have the same bone structure as the HL2 citizens. L4D’s characters use a different rig, and the TF2 characters, well, they’re not all shaped completley realistically.

You have to realize that character animations are done using a rig, think of this as like a set of strings for a puppet, that represent the moveable bones in a person’s body. The only way for another character to have the exact same animations as the original is for them to have EXACTLY THE SAME-SHAPED RIG.

The Sniper, etc. all happen to be shaped similarly enough to the HL2 citizen rig that they’re compatible.

The only way you’d be able to make the other character work is if you were to go in and re-rig the entire character to match the HL2 citizens.

I had a feeling this was the case. I really wanted those characters as player models as well (that and sweps of their weapons that act the same way) but because of that limitation, people have to model around the existing HL2 skeleton rigs.

This question would probably be better suited as a separate thread, but why is gmod so limited? Is it the source engine or the way the game was designed that it might not be able to handle it? If I’m not mistaken, Unreal Tournament allows custom player models, animation, and rigs.

No, it’s just that Gmod’s player models, NPC’s, etc. are all based off the HL2 citizens.

cant you make new player model animations for a model? or is it that source’s modeling system is so fucking stupid that you cannot EVER do that?

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Only the Sniper looks okay though. The Spy’s neck is a bit…strange.

Well, if that’s proof, where’s the download? I know the dude who started the thread would love to have a link. As would I.

You’re going to have to download the whole thing to get the L4D playermodels,
and no, I don’t think H4lf-D3ad really cares.

SVN: http://sggplayermodels.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/sggplayermodels/

Thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=692321

Umm, just wondering. What’s SVN?
And thanks for the models.

It is Something That You download,So that you can update svn packs
and not download new packs of that mod

You can do exactly the same for Source (GMod), its that people can’t usually be bothered with all the effort needed for this.

I downloaded everything…But how do you play as them? Because the only thing I can do is just spawn them as ragdolls.

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Well,I just got Garry’s Mod and I’m new to it. I don’t know hardly anything about it. Fuck! Just asking a simple Yes/No question. Didn’t mean to bump a thread.

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